Amazon Prime Day is here. Well, almost. As the biggest e-commerce retailer in the world, it's only fitting that Amazon has it's very own day(s) for Prime subscribers. Read on to learn more about how you can save money while satisfying your crippling online shopping habit.

When does Prime Day 2018 begin?

Today! More specifically, it begins at 3pm ET and runs until 3am ET on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (July 18). After quick math, you'll realize that's actually more than just 24 hours. Amazon has extended Prime Day in both time/duration and country availability in order to give consumers across the globe a total of 36 hours to take advantage of the deals.

So what exactly is Amazon Prime Day?

First introduced in 2015 as a celebration of Amazon's 20th anniversary,  Prime Day is essentially Amazon's own Cyber Monday or Black Friday for Amazon Prime subscribers. After resounding success the last few years, Amazon has (unsurprisingly) brought back Prime Day for 2018.


Prime Day will feature deals exclusively for Prime Members across a number of consumer categories including:

- Home & Kitchen

- Electronics

- Grocery & Gourmet Food

- Baby

- Toys

- Fashion

- Beauty

- Books

Remember, in order to take advantage of the gargantuan number of products on sale, you must be an Amazon Prime subscriber.

If you aren't currently subscribed, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial (which of course activates when the trial is up, pending cancellation). Amazon also has a very cool program which offers students a 6-month trial with discounted monthly rates once the trial period is up.


Is Milo Wifi offering any deals for Amazon Prime subscribers?


Indeed we are! As you may know, Amazon has a wealth of smart home products available to online shoppers. Home wifi systems such as Milo are the perfect compliment to smart home technology that requires a strong, reliable, and consistent wireless internet connection. They spread wifi throughout an entire home, banishing any dead zones and allowing wifi freedom wherever you want it.


Been searching for reliable wireless internet coverage all throughout your home? The solution is Milo -- an affordable hybrid mesh network wifi system that brings you wifi wherever you need it, without breaking the bank.

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